Our Upcoming Programs 

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TechRun 2.0 is a 3 day Bootcamp which aims to delve into Deployment (GCP), Building Scalable Application and API Development with NodeJS.


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The Code school  Programming curriculum is a 9months course covering topics typically found in introductory computer programming (coding) courses. Students merely need to have typical computer usage skills prior to starting this course. This Programming course is designed for young adults between the ages of 20years -45years

See Curriculums below:

- Frontend Web Development 

- Backend Web Development 

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Are you a Startup Founder struggling to develop a website?

Learn to build websites using one of the most popular website builders, Wix.

This short course would help you develop your website and have full control of all functionalities.

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Technology is becoming an integral part of our society and lives, we have designed a program to encourage kids with interest and passion for technology to think deeply about technology, by learning to code, developing critical thinking skills, learn how to work in teams and collaborate to build projects.