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Startup Grind: Marc Johnson Simplifies Complex Accounting

Today our community was bombarded with numbers!

Personally, accounting is not something I give much attention to. This is primarily due to the fact that for starters it looks like a lot of work considering the way balance sheets look.

I had a room mate back in University that could work the balance sheets for hours. That kind of work alone put me off. Secondly, I simplicity therefore I think I can put my earnings together without all the accounting things. I keep all my earnings in one place and subtract my spending from it. Done!

Marc Johnson, CEO of "Its Breeze" a Startup Grind mentor disagrees. He presented a much more simpler but equally sophisticated way to manage your books that will help you generate reports easily for funding or record keeping purposes and its all in one diagram.

His presentation was absolutely amazing and would help my startup for one which doesn't do much accounting. The startup community benefited from this since most of them had similar problems I had with the major one being reporting for funding.

In the end it was a well organized program. The community later on took a group photo at the end of the program.

Below are some of the photos of the program.

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