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Reasons To Choose Co-working Space Over Working From Home

Thanks to current trends in technology, working from home has become a new trend. One can easily evade taxes, cut down on rent and transportation and hire convenient delivery services to reach their customers in record time to deliver their goods and services.

This development has increased the rate of logistical services and convenience and digital marketing. But one has to consider the disadvantages of working from home over working in an office (preferably co-working space for convenience).

Although this topic is open for discussion this are some few reasons why one must choose an office space over working from home:

Loss of productivity:

Keeping track of productivity is pretty difficult when working from home. There is little to no oversight as to what an employee is doing during the day or how distracted they are. Fine for self-starters and responsible folks; not so great for junior and/or unproven teammates. In this sense it is difficult to building an in-house culture that goes a long way to promote loyalty leading to productivity at the work place. One might have to go long lengths in trying to rectify this problem.

Conflict Between Home and Work-time:

Although one might think working from home means doing less, the opposite might be true for diligent employees. When there is no separation from you don’t have that separation of going to and from the office, your workday fits and conflicts directly with your home life. Feeling like you’re always “at work” could even lead to a psychological burnouts.

Trust worthiness and Reputation:

Working from home is a great way to cut cost on rent and transportation until you have to meet clients. This happens especially when you render certain services that require you meeting up with the client to wrap up discussions. Having an office or co-working space goes a long way to win over the clients confidence in you and your product. In cases where one might want to win grants or investors working from home doesn't help much in marketing your brand, service or business.

Why Co-working?

All the above being said here are reasons why one must take up co-working space over working from home.

-Co working spaces are convenient for your pocket since they come at low budget costs while at same time give your the required working environment for your business to flourish.

-Co-working space gives you breaches the gap between home and work

-Give you the office space that would give investors and clients confidence in your services

-Increases productivity since you can easily compare your team effort to other teams, copy healthy work culture from other teams and even partner with other businesses to boost your productivity.

What are your thoughts on working from home? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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