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Ispace Hosts Web Development Training During EU Code Week

Women across the world have had poor participation in the tech and the innovative space due to several stereotypical and cultural factors.

Ispace’s agenda has always been in diversity through encouraging and mentoring women to become a part of this evolving innovative space in Africa.

28 ladies trooped into ispaces training center between 26th t0 30th November 2018, for a week-long web development training program under EU Code Week initiative.

Towards the end of the week, participants were put in groups to solve a problem to encourage peer to peer learning. A total of 5 solutions were created after this event (hackathon).

Overall each participant got a grasp of HTML, CSS and basic javascript for website development.

The ladies were encouraged to return to ispace to develop their skill further through a program specifically dubbed for women called the Unlocking Women and Technology that trains, mentors and funds future entrepreneur women in website development, creative design and business development.

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