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GOKALS Cosmeceuticals Product Presentation

Apparently, keeping ones natural hair is becoming a trend around the world. People are taking off their wigs, cutting their perms and putting on their satin caps ready for natural hair do. This culture though a bad development for the hair factories is a win for social groups that keep bashing the used of perms and synthetic hair materials. In view of this it is not surprising to see the trend growing in Africa and Ghana.

Ashish Golkadas, Marketing Manager for Gokals Cosmeceuticals made a presentation on the appropriate ways to keep ones natural hair since according to him it is essential to healthy hair care, growth and condition.

He presented the SESSA hair treatment and cream which are both produced from natural herb extracts. He also presented on best methods in treating natural hair.

The Event was absolutely helpful. There was a Q/A session where he dissected all the major problems the guest had with hair products and hair treatment.


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