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An Innovators Resolution With Social Media

Uninstall Facebook, Twitter!! You jump on that hash tag just to re-installed the app the next day. Why? Well besides being a geek, its apparent you're an addict!

Facebook, like other social media platforms have taken up lots of space in our lives and to revert to your default state when you spend 90% of your time doing something productive on your laptop probably working on a proposal, new ideas, learning new skills or writing long lines of code, you might need to rethink your methods either than just uninstalling your social media app.

You might be a geek or just an everyday new age heavy technology user between age 18-45. We love our technology. But we also resent it. It comes into our lives and makes them better, but, eventually, it changes us in ways we don't anticipate and don't like. By the time we appreciate those changes, though, it's too late, or at least it feels like it's too late.

We agree this lifestyle pattern is not healthy. I might not necessarily be an expert so i would advice therapy if you think your social media addiction is actually getting out of hand but bellow are a few ways to use your smartphones, laptops, apps, and feeds without getting used by them.

1. Turn off notifications

You might have done this at a point in time. A way of keeping that familiar "ding dong" notification sound from distracting you. Its pretty exhausting to do away with your phone. Perhaps you job might rely on emails. One easy way to do away with your addiction is to identify the app that takes most of your time and turning its notification off.

This can enable you take breaks off that platform for as long as the notification doesn't poke you as often as it would have when on.

2. No-phone zone

This is a personal favourite. Smartphones have become very indispensable to the extent that you might already have blended it with several other activities like driving, cooking, exercising, even during dates, watching the games on TV.... Okay you got it right. Its pretty hard to think of an activity that you haven't synchronized with your phone already ;)

Phone free zones are a life saver for me however because it works pretty well. For instance I am more productive in the evening so during that period I either turn my phone off or keep it away from the working area(office).

There is the downtime of missing important calls but its usually worth it since i come to meet texts or Whatsapp notifications. You can't miss anything in this tech age can you?

3 Take a social media vacation.

Assuming you are on a trip or better still working on a long term project that would need your attention, you can take advantage of this to go on a social media vacation.

You can start with 24 hours at a time and then to weeks; then graduate to a month!

Have you put to practice any of these social media counter resolutions? Which ones worked for you? Have you tried other options you would like to share?

Share your comments below and have a great week!

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