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Africa Code Week Host Hackathon For Young Developers

Sixty children between age 12-15 trooped into the Event auditorium of iSpace Foundation after a one week intensive training by a potent technical staff lead by Brian, the Lead Developer and tutor at iSpace under the African Code Week Program.

The hackathon lasted for two days where young innovators spend all day building their own tech solutions using HTML, CSS and scanty knowledge in Java script.

The excitement on the faces of this young ones was priceless as they took a tour of ispace lead by Gordon, ispace's community manager.

At the end of the hackathon several youngsters were awarded for building their solutions in record time. The criteria for being awarded included time taken to build the solution, the problems the tech solution would solve and how feasible and understandable the solution was for the African society; using Ghana as a case.

Although a week is not enough to train children in IT, the operations manager, Favour said that she hopes it sparks a chain reaction in the minds of this young youths to continue coding to enable increase the pool size of STEM education in Ghana.

What are your thoughts on training children in coding or STEM?

Share your thoughts with us.

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