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2019: Things Entrepreneurs Need To Reconsider

Today, it is pretty apparent that no business today will survive or stand the chance of thriving in the next 5-10 years without the input of technology. Then again the input of technology is not the silver bullet to success of your business. An irony right? There is so much competition and battle of innovative ideas that are countering one another, keeping each company on their toes.

But with a new year ahead, there’s no better time than now to refocus attention on IT and commit to your business putting its best tech and innovation foot forward as a first step to the journey of success.

Here’s are a list of focus areas to reconsider (considering you haven't already) :

1. Innovate IT from the Inside Out

Sticking with the same old tech is a recipe for ending up with antiquated and legacy systems. Meanwhile, seeking out emerging tech for no reason other than to stay on the leading edge can be a sure way to end up with unnecessary investment.

While businesses should always be looking to innovate, they need to do so carefully and thoughtfully, taking smaller risks along the way without letting systems run out of control or stagnate.

2. Don't follow the trends, Invest in Value

Many entrepreneurs continue to make the mistake of treating tech as an investment to look relevant and not a point of innovation to accelerate their business. It is very likely and common among entrepreneurs to invest in building an app that wouldn't be downloaded and definitely wouldn't reach their target market rather than have a social media page that would have been more effective for the same purpose.

Focus on what might work for your business. Do your research, consider the pros and cons, weight the costing, availability, your skills etc and then make a decision based on how this peculiar solution would help your business and "solve the problem" making life much more easier in the process. Look for innovation, not trends. Invest in value.

3. Bridge Barriers Between Business and IT

This might come of as a cliche but mos businesses think it is only the job of the CEO to understand the role of tech in his business. CTO's also need to have a thorough understanding of how the business model fits right with the technology it would be employing.

The need for this collaboration will help immensely among other things, determine the difference between wants and needs, which can inform investment.

A strong relationship between business and IT can help make these discrepancies clearer and help teams forge a cleaner and more direct path forward when it comes to IT investment.

4. Pay extra attention to Cybersecurity

In the modern day, security of your online and tech assets cannot be over emphasized.

Security is paramount to the survival of any business, especially because breaches can seriously cost companies. The billion-dollar question, then, is what does it take to shore up defenses?

There are several things to consider in this area. One can consider the possibility of having physical security features like the CCTV's, security personals, backup systems and of course software insurance policies and intellectual property licences to ensure data is not compromised through negligence or errrors.

It is also worthwhile to train staff to be security conscious during or after work in relation to information/data from work.

What are your thoughts on the above points? Do you have any other resolutions you might want entrepreneurs to consider? Share them below!

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