iSpace Programme

Key Support Areas

Access to Funding

Leading and guiding startups to understand different funding options and introducing them to relevant investors.

Business Support Program

Designing and providing capacity building and leadership programs for members and the startup community from experienced facilitators, mentors, and experts. 


Linking stakeholders, startups, partners, mentors & investors sharing the same vision in the ecosystem across local and global communities.


Assisting startups to define their business ideas to suit their business model, fine-tune their pitch through series of internal demo pitching, generate media coverage, and get their business in front of investors who need to know about it.

Our Programs


A 9 Months Software Skills Development and Internship Program.

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Providing early access to computer science technology particularly to young girls and 
underrepresented communities


To equip women with Coding, Business Management, Professional Networking and Pitching Skills and funding to kick start their businesses.

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Eden Labs is a tech maker space where young and talented individuals are encouraged to explore, create and innovate.We are a community with a blend of IOT “Internet of Things”, AI  “Artificial Intelligence”, 3D modelling, printing and robotics. We organize training programs and a monthly meetup where our community come together to share ideas, build and prototype.Creating awareness of the rapid change in the technology trend is our hallmark, especially in agriculture and the manufacturing industry and building solutions for the future.

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Our Mission is to identify and eradicate all forms of Domestic Violence(especially those against women and children) in societies across the world. We take victims from abuse to recovery and connect them to experts. We also provide a support system that accelerates recovery.


WAZIHUB (in Swahili for Open-Hub) is an innovation project for Africa aiming to create an Open Hub of IoT and Big data cutting-edge and African-grade solutions, co-designed by African people where these solutions can then be adapted to match local service needs.