Membership Benefits

The best way to understand how we support our members is to learn from their own experience within iSpace.

Read our member feedback below to find out how we've helped them in their entrepreneurial pursuits, and the ways in which we could support you.



"A serene environment contributes massively to the productivity of every business. iSpace Foundation office space has been a main contributor to the growth of our company since start-up. The team has been very helpful and always willing to assist Aldelia Ghana when we ask them for support. iSpace will be the first place I will recommend to any start-up company. I will rate iSpace 85% out of 100%."

- Badu Boapong Blankson, Aldelia Ghana

Funding and Support for growth

The training I underwent  was  beneficial to me because I learnt how to build my own website, I did my market research  to really understand  how viable my business ideas was,I understood  that all individuals do not qualify to be my clients hence the need to identify my target market and create a niche for them.


One essential  thing about the unlocking women programme is that you get to work on self confidence. You are randomly selected to pitch in front of an audience.This made me step up my game a bit by always being ready for anything that is thrown at me at any anytime.


Being amongst women who are so self-confident rubs off you because you want to get better and better by the day and these women are there to help,support and groom you at any given time.


I received funding to register my buiness which has been of great benefit to me. Thank you iSpace and Unlocking women and technology for this initiative .I pray every woman takes advantage of this great opportunity and benefit from it because it's a lifetime opprtunity if only you decide to take it seriously. 

- Laila Adbul Rahman , CEO of Sabary Tours

Pitching & Networking

The time spent studying Business Development at iSpace was very useful and inspiring. My business ideas were all scattered ,processes not orderly,pricing model not realistic and no marketing strategy. My training at iSpace helped me to better organize my business ideas and unravelled my product features gradually and am thriving gradually. My processes are better now including my pricing model.Training approach and materials used by the tutors were very practical and am very thankful to God for this experience. It is a place to be especially as a start-up or if your start-up is struggling. Trust me your business trend would never be the same.Thank you.

- Priscilla Dzifa Norman, CEO of Knowledge Chase Learning Center

Robust Community

When I first quit my day job, it was a really scary but bold decision for me because I only knew one friend who had also quit before me at that time (and I thought he was crazy for making such a decision). So I felt lonely, very lonely working on my personal projects. Then after searching for co-working spaces I chanced upon iSpace. Though I wasn’t optimistic of working from there at first, I decided to just do it. After spending a few weeks at iSpace I regained my confidence again. I met other people working on their projects. It was such a robust community where we all helped each other succeed.

- Bill Odartey CEO of ShoeShine
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